Shake Things Up with Storycubes!

Story Cubes .001

Story Cubes are a fun addition to your English study toolkit! Here are some ways you can use them in your autonomous learning program.

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Shake up your Vocabulary

1. Choose one of the cubes.

2. Think of all the words you can for each image on that cube. For example:

One cube six sides

3. Write or tell a story using those words.

4. Change the story from present tense to past or future tense.

5. Change the story from first person (I,me) to third person (he, she) or vice versa.


Shake up your vacation

1. Let Story Cubes plan a vacation (real or imagined)  for you. Shake all nine Voyages Story Cubes.

2. Using a map of any location you choose, find the places you could go or the activities you could do that match the cube images and then write or narrate your trip’s itinerary. For example:

sc usa map.001

I will visit the U.S.A. and take pictures in the Boundary Waters. Next, I will backpack the Appalachian Trail. After that, I will go to Florida to go fishing for Blue Crabs. On my way to Texas, I will stop in New Orleans to eat some of their famous Gumbo! Once I get to Texas, I will listen to the music in Austin. I’m hoping to see some snakes in the desert of Arizona. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean has always been a dream of mine, so I plan to go to the beach in San Diego. After touring around sunny California, I will head up to rainy Seattle, Washington before completing my trip with a drive through the Rocky Mountains.

The Story Cubes Challenge

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