We know there are 1000s of sites for you to turn to for help with learning English. Our goal is to keep it simple, engaging, and useful for your autonomous learning style. What you’ll find are ideas for language learning that go beyond the classroom and help you meet your language goals. If you would like a language coach to assist you in your efforts, we’re here to help with asynchronous conversations where you control what you want to talk about, in addition to where and when you talk about it. For more information on asynchronous conversations, see our video under “My Language Coach.”

About the Author
Lori Michele Kelley

Lori has Master’s degree in TESL and has taught English and Intercultural Communication in the United States, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand. She also develops and conducts teacher development workshops for both pre- and in-service teachers. Riding pillion on backroads with her husband Michael Kelley in the tropics and wherever else there are good roadside coffee shops is one of her favorite things to do. She’s also quite fond of the water and made her husband promise they could live on a houseboat someday.

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